13│14 Battery: Photography

The photography project named »Battery« took two years and was executed in different locations near Ljubljana, Slovenia, with a diverse group of riding-, cart- and slaughter horses. The studio photography required a broad group of experts in the fields of scenography, photography, video and horse care.
The horses were placed in a limited photography studio, in which they were able to move freely but under the condition to stay inside the space. Afterwards the shots were arranged to the composition of screens that resemble the cells in the chicken battery breeding.

The apprentices wait for the master

Steady stroke

Right out of the make-up room

Some require more persuasion

The bribing of the models

The photography-video team with company

The head photographer Anže Grabeljšek experiments with the model

The spring photoshooting 2013; 17 Napolitano Trompeta, 24 Tara

The summer photoshooting 2013; Kohla with the foal, 255 Peggy with the foal

The summer photoshooting 2014; 5 Falkosh, 7 Farlow, 8 Giorgia Ban, 14 Must be Noble (Muri)

The big migration and the little poser

The hierarchy within the cell; Linoska with the foal, 216 Narciska with the foal

The horse whisperer Lea

5 Falkosh, 7 Farlow, 8 Giorgia Ban, 14 Must be Noble (Muri)

11 Converzano Trompeta, 17 Napolitano Trompeta, 24 Tara, 29 Furia

5 Falkosh, 7 Farlow, 8 Giorgia Ban, 14 Must be Noble (Muri)

229 Kohla and foal, 255 Peggy and foal

314: Nula

The "Battery" composition

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